Hi! I’m Carmen one of the great massage therapists at Tri Fit Training Ltd. I have been helping people with their sore muscles and joint issues in Airdrie and the surrounding area for over 5 years as a licensed massage therapist, and really enjoy it. I take great pride in helping my clients relax and get moving again.

My approach to massage is a many faceted one centred around making you - the client - feel good and be relaxed, all the while offering a deep pressure massage with a relaxing flush which assists in teasing the muscles to relax. A skilful dynamic cupping approach is also another method I use to help muscles release. Massages with me are always offered with a positive and encouraging attitude. Attention to detail on issues that need extra focus, along with a professional, genuine concern for my client’s well-being set me apart. Great follow up care post-massage as well as ideas for self-care at home are added benefits I give to my clients.

My clients say I’m a great listener, am very down-to-earth and sociable. They also say I give good advice regarding their overall well-being and make them feel very relaxed throughout the duration of our time together.

I’m excited to be a part of the Tri Fit team to help my clients recover from their amazing workouts.