My life changed with my discovery of fitness. It wasn't until later in life that I found consistent exercise and because I had terrible low back pain and upper back spams. I was working in a physiotherapy rehabilitation clinic, thankfully, and one of the staff a chiropractor helped me address the issue. The issue being core weakness. I began working out with home videos but became pregnant not long after. 

I gave birth to my fifth child at age of 31 and I put on the most weight of my life. I decided I needed more than home videos and never wanted the pain to come back. I bought some personal training sessions, took classes, began lifting weights and joined Capoeira, this a brazilian martial art compromised of kicking, grappling and acrobatics. 

My own transformation into a healthy maturing woman gave me the passion to want to help others address their own fitness needs. I understand life can catch up with you and have negative effects on your body but I also know you can change it no matter what age. Fitness is not just for the young kids, it is for everyone. 

I am now a certified Personal Trainer, a certified Kickboxing Instructor, and I have 5 years experience in material arts style strength and conditioning. I have the ability to create a program to fit your individual needs to needs obtain your goals.Type your paragraph here.