I have been involved in fitness since 1991. I was certified in BC for group fitness , teaching classes along the way from BC to Winnipeg, MB then having 2 children and moving to Calgary. When my son attended grade 1, I went back to school full time for Personal Training for 1 year at Mt Royal University graduating in 2007 and have been personal training ever since. I have always had my own company but have worked with or for other established gyms along the way. I have had the priviledge of working alongside of some incredibly smart trainers that have taught me well and molded me into the trainer i am today. I love the challenge to help people reach their fitness goals, create a happy balanced body, and assist in correcting misfunction in the muscles. 
I have recently been certified with MAT ( muscle activation techniques) Jumpstart Program and it is definitely the missing puzzle piece for me in personal training. 
MAT philosophy is that muscle tightness is secondary to weakness. With MAT it involves finding those weaknesses and creating strength and range of motion by completing isometric exercises for those muscles that are not firing for you. Muscles in your body can turn off for many reasons; for example: mechanical stress, emotional, chemical, injury, surgery, past injury from many years ago. 
I am now privileged once again to be working alongside Christine Mcleod and Tracy Winger. I think we all bring something slightly different to training but we all have the same philosophy in mind! Let's get your body working properly then we can assist you in reaching any goal that you are going to work for! 
One of the most important things for me as a trainer is to surround myself with smart, happy, caring trainers that have that same easy going, inviting, happy energy that every gym should have. And to be surrounded by amazing clients and members that have the same philosophy as us. Which makes for one fun, happy group that enjoy the gym as much as we do. 

Sheryl Jobbagy, PFT.

Crossfit L1, FMS


Phone: 403-807-8092

Email: musclesnmotion@ shaw.ca