Strength and conditioning: 
Bootcamp style format using weights for added resistance. You will definitely sweat while learning the right form and technique for strength training. 
60 min/ 16 spots

Tri Fit HIIT: 
High intensity interval training (HIIT) will push your limits for optimum results in 30 minutes. This means going all out with twice the intensity to burn calories and build your endurance. Training like this is a critical step to making it to the next level of your fitness. 
30 min/ 16 spots.

Cardio HIIT and abs: 
Time will fly by while your burning the calories and feeling great! 30 minutes of cardio HIIT with 30 minutes of abs and stretching to finish the class. The 1st half is a non-stop cardio adventure. The second half is all about toning and lengthening your muscles. 
60 minutes/ 16 spots.

All-in-One Tri:
Interval style training on and off the bike. A great way to kick your workout into high gear!  
It's a triathlon of sorts wrapped into 60 minutes. Interval training on and off the bike, a great way to kick workouts into high gear and use the healing power of yoga to cap it all off. 
60 min / 16 spots

Spin + TRX:
Keep your workouts exciting with a great Spin and TRX combo. Tone your muscles and push your heart rate for an amazing workout! The more you vary your workouts the harder your muscles have to work to keep up. 
60min / 16 spots