Who or What keeps you coming back to Tri Fit Training?

Myamazing “elite” trainer and the great ladies I work out with. These ladies motivate me to be a better, healthier person!....❤️ Suze D.

The community I feel at Tri Fit is something I’ve never felt before at a gym. Christine and Tracy have such a positive energy about them that it fills the gym. You are greeted every single time you walk in that door and always a “have a good day” on your way out. The workouts are great and different each time, I don’t think I’ve done the same workout since I’ve joined. The ladies you get to know are encouraging, supportive, down to earth ( regardless of their fitness accomplishments) and funny! The staff and clientele keep me coming back and while I’m there I get a workout in. I’ve tried things through this gym I would never have thought to try before whether it’s a boot-camp, run clinic, Femsport, Dance Fusion or a photo-shoot, I wouldn’t have done it without all your support so thank you - ❤️.....Joanna C.

For me it is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about Tri Fit.......
I love the workouts and the people! I love the sense of community they have created with like minded individuals.
I love that both Tracy and Christine go above and beyond for all of us as well.
They care, and it shows in their atmosphere, I think we all keep coming for that reason!
They have turned from trainer to , friends, and definitely a fit family!!
Thanks for doing this!!......❤️Jane L.

I keep coming to Tri Fit because of the welcoming, supportive, non-intimidating environment that is Tri Fit. The trainers and participants are of the same positive, healthy lifestyle mentality that I strive for.
It makes reaching goals easier. 
Thank you Tracy and Christine .......❤️Amber P.

From the moment you step through the Tri Fit doors you are surrounded by acceptance no matter who or what your are. Christine and Tracy are always ready to not only help but also to encourage you to be the best possible person you can be.......❤️Jackie Lefebvre

Christine and Tracy do!!! Everyday. I have been coming to Tri Fit since they opened. I met them both at Golds, and when they left I had to find them.
They both push me and they are an inspiration to me.
I have been injured and they have helped me through both injuries! They are hardworking and it shows. I can’t say enough things about these two, and the classes they have. I have never come to a class and had a re-peat. They are very creative at kicking our a$$’s, but man do we all have some nice a$$’s!....❤️Melissa B.

I started at Tri Fit as part of a contest but I stayed because Christine and Tracy made it possible for me to actually enjoy and look forward to exercise. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is my happy place..........❤️Lana Lou

We always talk about Motivation, and Inspiration, where does it come from, how do we achieve the things we need to achieve, well we don't have to look any further than our own backyard. We have trainers that not only care, but, desire for us to succeed, they push us, laugh with us, become our friends, true friends, the type that go the distance, this is why I attend now and will always attend and be part of that family at Tri Fit Training. I am Grateful for the patience and the kindness that both Christine and Tracy extend to me.

I for one would like to say "Thank You" and keep up the good work, you are loved .....❤️Christine T.​